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Winter Vision

In the February 2019 issue we have published a special section with images that showcase the charm and character of winter photography.

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Polar Bear, Svalbard, Norway
Canon EOS 5D Mk II, EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM, f/14, 1/400sec, ISO 320

Sometimes, an experience in life just stays with you as vivid as the day it happened, like this particular day when we encountered this polar bear walking. The best place to be is in the zodiac in Svalbard, because it provides the freedom to explore the wildlife both safely and intimately, while respecting the wildlife in their habitat.

We had just been graced by the presence of a massive walrus, which decided to pop up beside the zodiac. As we all focused our attention on the walrus, one guy yelled “polar bear”, which took precedence over the walrus, and we headed over to observe the bear. It walked along the shoreline, while we quietly followed along in the zodiac. She did show interest and would stop and look at us from time-to-time. The quiet moments shared with her were magic.

We were lucky enough to see her pick up the scent of a seal and see her run. The speed and power were immediate. She pounced on the ice and hauled a seal from its breathing hole, on to the sea ice. It was pleasing to know that the bear had a nourishing and probably much needed meal, however it is always difficult to see the harsh reality of nature.

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