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Winter Vision

In the February 2020 issue we have published a special section with images that showcase the charm and character of winter photography.


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Red fox, Himalayas, India

February 13th, 2019: I had been in the Himalayas for almost two weeks in search of the snow leopard.

This morning, the first light revealed a beautiful white coat. The snowfall is intensifying, so the weather is not ideal to start looking for the feline. With these weather conditions, it will be difficult to find signs of its presence.

I still decide to get ready and go to the border of the village, where red foxes are frequently seen.

Very quickly, I can see some footprints. It is indeed a highly frequented area by the small canine. After some time observing, two foxes stand out in the snow, unfortunately too far away for me to make the shot I want. I remain patient and hopeful, and keep searching, using my binoculars.

Then, suddenly, a fox appears below, in the rock wall. It is rolled up on itself, staying warm thanks to its fur - a striking contrast to the intense cold of the day. The approach is long and delicate. The wall is made slippery by the fresh snow. Despite the difficult approach, and without disturbing the animal, I find myself at a reasonable distance, with his back facing me and I notice he’s resting peacefully. I take my shots, then leave the place discreetly.

Nikon D500, Nikon 500mm F/4 E FL ED VR, f/7.1, 1/800secs, ISO 100

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