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In the May 2019 issue we have published a special section with images that showcase the charm and character of spring wildlife photography.

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European Brown Bear, Finland

This brown bear photograph was taken practically in no-man’s land, between Finland and Russia. I remember it well, particularly when I was walking to the hide. I was running a gauntlet of mosquitoes, which practically ate me alive, even with all the layers I was wearing - and it was the summer. The hide I had chosen was also infested with the largest ants I had ever seen, so you can imagine it was a very itchy situation.

It was early in the bear season and the cotton-grass had just come out. This bear was fairly relaxed and took a rest in the swampy field.

I was lucky enough to have borrowed a Canon 200-400mm F4, which proved amazing for taking pictures of the bears. The bear wasn’t around for long, as a larger male came along and scared him off.

Canon 1DX, Canon 200-400mm F4, ƒ/4, 1/320sec, ISO 800

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