Autumn Visions 2019 Winner

Autumn Vision

In the February 2019 issue we have published a special section with images that showcase the charm and character of winter photography.

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Becca Fulcher from the United Kingdom

The annual deer rut is my favourite time of the year in the UK. These majestic stags are fuelled with testosterone in order to find a mate. Unpredictable in their behaviour and very determined they will challenge any opponent.

Bushy Park is a beautiful setting with many deer and lends itself very well to atmospheric photos early in the morning. This particular morning, I was still getting into position when this stag appeared and so I had little time to compose my shot and only a very short opportunity to take just one photo. I was incredibly happy with the result, but just wish I’d had more time that morning.

Red deer stag, London, United Kingdom • Canon 1D Mk II, Canon 300mm f2.8 II with 2xIII extender, f5.6, 1/1000secs, ISO 1000

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