Harry CollinsGetting the Most From Your Gear

I’ve been a reader of Wild Planet Photo Magazine for some time now and have seen countless images and articles from some of the best wildlife photographers in the world, so it should go without saying that I was absolutely honored to be chosen as this month’s Guest Editor.

 Animals have always been at the top of my list for things I am passionate about so it was only natural that photographing them became a passion too. My goal as a wildlife photographer has always been to try to show the personalities that animals have that many people may not be aware of. The topic that I chose to write about, whether or not you need ‘professional gear’ to take great wildlife photos, is one that affected me personally for many years because it took a long time before

I could buy that equipment. In the article I tried to answer as many of the questions that I am asked most frequently surrounding this. I hope you find it to be a good resource for continuing your path into wildlife photography.

Harry Collins • Guest Editor

Vladimir Cech Jnr.

Presenting…Vladimir Cech Jnr.

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Walter Stein

Featured Photographer • Walter Stein from Argentina

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Jaymi Heimbuch

Jaymi Heimbuch – Female Nature Photographer of the Month

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Jakes De Wet Hyena South Africa

Editor’s Choice • Jakes De Wet

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migration wildlife journals mark scission

Good Migrations with Mark Sisson

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George Ball Reader Focus

Reader Focus • George Ball

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great grey owls in yellowstone with Jared Lloyd

Photographing the Great Grey Ghost with Jared Lloyd

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Harry Collins how to get the most from your gear

How to Get the Most From Your Gear

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simon eeman leopard freeze frame

Freeze Frame • Simon Eeman

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wild inhabitants with Peter Cairns in the Cairngorms

Wild Inhabitants in the Cairngorms

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