Submission Guidelines

For Successful Submissions

Follow our guidelines below

For Failed Submissions

Ignore our guidelines below

Your Name and Surname

Writing john is not really enough, your full name should be added to form, i.e. John Smith.

Your short bio

Please make sure your bio is between 30-50 words, when we ask for 30-50 words. A 300 words of bio with full explanation of your awards, although we are sure it means a lot to you, it will not make any difference to us. We will have to cut it down and that takes time.

Your portrait

We always ask for your portrait to be a head and shoulders one, or near enough, and your face to be visible. A picture with your face behind a camera or the back of your head in the photograph is not good enough.

Your website

We always ask for the full URL of your website. Many times we see URLs such as Well this is wrong. The full URL should be copy/pasted from your website and should be either or

Your Facebook Page

Again, we always ask for the full URL and yet, we are surprised to see some people adding @namesurname, which is wrong. We really ask for the full URL of your Facebook page and we really mean it.

Name of animal/Bird

You need to make sure your describe what type of animal is in the picture and also add the location and country the picture was take..

Story about the picture

When we ask for the picture story to be between 150-250 words, that's exactly what we mean. Story of 110 words is not good enough. Take your time to write a good short story as it will help promote your picture.

The picture

When we ask for the picture size to be 4000 pixels minimum on the long side with no watermarks and clean of sensor dust, this is exactly what we mean. Many times we are surprised to see beautiful pictures uploaded at 800 pixels and with watermarks. You must make sure that you follow our instructions. It is a shame to put gorgeous pictures in the trash and your time, as well as our time, wasted.


You need to avoid adding short names for models. For instance, D80 is not good enough as the full term should be Nikon D80.


We have seen people writing /11 or 11. Aperture must be marked as f/11.


Avoid terms such as 70-200mm. When we ask for the lens used, we ask for the full name of the lens i.e. Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS.

Shutter Speed

Many add 2 as the shutter speed. Is it 1/2 a second or is it 2 seconds? Make sure you type in the shutter speed as we request it. This should be 1/2sec or 2sec.

Mark Sisson
Wildside Photo Adventures
Wild Art POTY