Photo Of The Month: Elegant Lynx Spider by Geoff Hyde

Geoff Hyde from Australia

As a macro shooter, I’ve learnt so much from spiders. They are infinitely patient, and must trust that what they want will come their way. Even an ambush hunter, like this female elegant lynx spider, does not waste her energy racing around in the undergrowth. Mostly she sits and waits, just like her web-building cousins.

Likewise, I’ve come to appreciate the value of stillness and of attentiveness to my immediate environment when I’m looking for subjects. Many of them are small, like this lady (7mm body length), or even smaller, so simply spotting them is the first, and often the greatest, challenge.

But if my mind is tranquil, tiny jewels like this emerge out of the background, like magic. That was the case with this shot. I had spent the week after New Year with my much-loved elder brother and his extended family, up on Australia’s Gold Coast. It’s an annual tradition that refreshes my body and spirit. On this day, as I stepped out of the backdoor for an early morning shoot, first it was the glowing magenta leaves of a tropical coleus that drew my attention. They were a reward in their own right, but then onto the stage stepped this tiny performer, fresh from some spidery circus, costumed for her moment in the limelight, and touched with the tears of a clown.

Elegant lynx spider, Gold Coast, Queensland ● Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mk II, Olympus M.Zuiko ED 60mm f/2.8, f/10, 1/100sec, ISO 250
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Clare Disano • WPM Editor


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