Photo Of The Month: Lesser Bushbaby by Dean Polley

Dean Polley from South Africa

I live on a small private game reserve and the patio of the house looks out onto a lot of trees. Each evening at dusk, a small group of bushbabies make their appearance and jump through the branches of the trees, as they begin with their nocturnal activities.

I focused on this branch in anticipation that one of the bushbabies would land there. This one surprised me when it came out much earlier, around midday, so I was able to make good use of the light.

Lesser Bushbaby, Buffelsdrift Private Game Reserve, South Africa • Canon 1D Mk III, Canon EF100mm f/2.8 Macro IS USM, f9, 1/160secs, ISO 800
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Clare Disano • WPM Editor


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