Woolly Hare, Leh, India by A S Bishnoi

Picture Story

1. The woolly hare (Lepus oiostolus) is a species of mammal in the family Leporidae. It is found in western and central China, northern India (Leh: Ladakh), and Nepal. It has a wide range and is present in some protected areas but is a generally uncommon species. The habitat of this hare is mainly high altitude grasslands of several types; Alpine meadows, shrubby meadows and upland cold deserts. Its altitudinal range is from 3,000 to 5,300 m (9,800 to 17,400 ft) above sea level.
2. The woolly hare is a shy and usually solitary animal, and although sometimes active by day, it is mostly nocturnal. During the day it sometimes rests in the sun in a sheltered position.
3. We have been visiting Leh-Ladakh for the past 3 years to spot elusive Cat “ Snow Leopard” and therefore, have categorically planned to stay in home-stay in Rumbak valley/Ulley which are part of Hemis National park. My daughter was just 5 years old and she trekked almost 10 km in valley to reach Rumbak Valley in search of wild animals, birds and to play with snow.
4. Mornings are pleasant and you can spot lots of wild animal and birds, so I woke up early and my daughter accompanied me in my photography session in Rumbak Valley. I was clicking Chukar partridge in a bush and I noticed sudden movement in a bush. To my surprise, it was Woolly Hare. Before I could train my camera, he started running and I got this frame. I continued observing for a while, but no joy. They are shy and less active during day, but partridge on other hand were in good numbers so we sat at comfortable place and observed their movements. It was delightful experience in close quarters.
Finally we were fortunate to spot elusive cat during our third visit at Ulley and birds not to forget ,Woolly Hare.

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