Vernal Hanging Parrot, Pune, India by Suman Paul

The Vernal Hanging parrots are a common visitor during the monsoon around Pune city. This is the time when the farmers grow millets and the parrots are coming there to feed the raw millets seeds. They came for a short time - one month and then back to their native places in the southern part of India. I visited the farm areas looking for the bird as I am a hobbyist bird photographer and wanted to see the bird. It was a overcast day during early September. I have to wait for long time to see the first parrot on the millet plant. As the bird is tiny and green in colour, it is very hard to locate within the green plants. The bird gives very small time to photographer to capture its image. After a long wait I finally got a chance to capture the bird on a millet seeds. I have to adjust the ISO to get the proper light due to cloudy weather. I felt amazed looking the bird first time through my eyes and then through my lens.

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