Three Horned Jackson Chameleon, Nairobi, Kenya by Geetika Singh

It’s easy to tell a male Jackson's chameleon from a female: only the males have horns. The male's 3 horns make him look a little like a mini triceratops! Because of this fancy headgear, these lizards are sometimes called 3-horned chameleons. The horns are used to defend the male's territory. They may lock horns and try to push each other off a narrow tree branch.

I spotted this three-horned Jackson's chameleon in my garden where he was relaxing on the branch of a plant very well camouflaged with the surrounding.

Posting this pic from my garden under Global Awareness: Garden Wildlife Week 2021 (5-9th June). Celebrating the smaller creatures we can find in our gardens around the globe.

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