Sparrow Hawk, Lonavla, Pune, India by Pooja Bhagwat

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It was early morning hours when I received a call that an Amur Falcon has been sighted at Lonavla. I immediately got my camera and lenses ready and departed for Lonavla.
The light was very low as yet sun was to rise. Being a vast area we were locating it from the car itself. I was so excited was Amur falcon was lifer for me. We were travelling for half an hour and yet no sighting.
Suddenly, we felt some movement, so we turned our car in that direction. It is easy to approach raptors from car as they sense human walking and they fly away. When we reached I was surprised and overwhelmed at the same time, as it was a SPARROW HAWK on the stone. He was preening and he was in his own world. In search of Amur, we found sparrow hawk, the joy was doubled. In one trip two lifers.
I got down from the car from the opposite side and tried to approach him. I took two long shots and then tried to approach it slowly and steadily. But he didn’t care and was in his own world. In between he used to be alert and then back to his own chores. Wow, this was the best moment for me.
Got such amazing clicks, a very nice green and magenta flowers background. He was looking so smart on the carpet just like a showstopper waiting to be clicked. Seeing a raptor with this background was ultimate bliss for me and my trip was a successful and memorable.

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