Sea Otter Pup, Morro Bay, California, USA by Cindy Croissant

I recently took a trip up the coast of California from San Diego to Morro Bay to photograph a few of the California sea otters that call this bay home. The bay is located next to a system of estuaries, which helped to create a sand barrier around the inlet of the bay. This natural structure serves as a break, keeping the waters in the bay calm and protected. My husband and I rented a canoe to get a little closer and a better angle to all the wildlife in the bay. We were lucky enough to find a raft of about 15 sea otters that included three pups. We carefully paddled by them (at a safe distance not to disturb them) while taking photos and watching them gently float with the current. Unlike the other pups comfortably sleeping on their moms, this little troublemaker decided to get in the water, make a great deal of noise, splash around and make sure the others could not enjoy the calm waters. The other otters were most likely annoyed, but we had an amazing time watching this little cutie play and enjoy life!

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