Sandhill crane colt and parent, Florida, United States by Sue Dougherty

It was a hot and humid April day in Florida. I was excited to see a Sandhill crane colt and we headed to a site that we thought we would have an opportunity. In the late afternoon in Myakka Park, a small group of us spotted this small family across the field. We watched and photographed these Sand Hill cranes from our original spot. The shooting was difficult as the colt was weaving in and out of the grass.. At first we settled in for some more distant shots when were then rewarded with the family ever so slowly advancing toward us. We hunkered down quietly in the grass and the three approached without fear as we clicked away. They were so close ultimately that our 500 mm lenses were too much! The light was low and lovely. What a treasure to be able to capture the intimate moments! It was so interesting to watch as the adult picked worms and offered and even tossed them to the colt. I am not sure how young this colt is, but was told that it looks to be perhaps only about 2 weeks old if that. Looking at the gangly little one next to the elegant adult shows that the colt has a long way to go!

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