Rock Ptarmigan in a snow storm, Bavarian Alps, Germany by Mario Nonaka

Picture Story

We were searching for rock ptarmigans all morning with no success. Finding these white birds in a snowy landscape is not easy. We saw their tracks all over the place but could not find a single bird. My friend discovered a snow hare resting next to a rock and we were shooting this hare for thirty minutes when we suddenly heard the calling of the rock ptarmigans while they flew in to land on a spot opposite to the place we were at this moment. So packed our things and start heading towards the place where the rock ptarmigans had landed. While hiking its started snowing again. I stopped every couple minutes to take a shot as we wouldn't know if the birds will stay untill we arrive. In the end we were able to get pretty close and we got some beautiful shots of these unique birds while they were feeding on seeds and grass which were blown free by the wind. But for me this shot turns out to be my favorite as it shows the white bird on white snow in a heavy snow shower in its typical habitat.

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