Red Deer, Richmond Park, London by Mitchell Lewis

Persistence finally pays off!

The Red Deer had just started growing their velvet antlers and I knew if I could get them in the right light as the sun was setting, I would be able to achieve a shot of their anglers with a thin halo glow around them.

Before I finally managed to get this shot my afternoon's consisted of waiting around, checking if today would be the day for a suitable sunset, and then quickly riding to Richmond Park to locate the Deer. Once arriving at the park, it was normal for me to find the deer either hidden in the shade of the trees or resting in a large group in the open which mean I was unable to capture an image that wasn’t busy and consisted of numerous deer in shots.

To achieve this shot the sun needs to be horizontal with the deer meaning once that perfect moment hits it’s just minutes before it goes dark as the sun drops below the horizon. After about a month of either poor weather or the deer not wanting to work with me I finally had the moment I was waiting for. The deer were well separate, and they had just made their way into an open area of the park. I quickly got myself into position and laid flat on the ground so I was looking directly into the sun and just began to snap away. I took many images that afternoon however this one is definitely my favourite.

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