Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada by Barbara Levy

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In May, I usually head to the bay near our home to catch our visitor Bald eagles soaring above the water and plunging at incredible speeds to catch their favourite fish. This year, however, I’ve only seen about a dozen eagles compared to the 30 plus I’ve seen in past years. Still, it's been wonderful to catch the few eagle families chasing each other through the air this May.

A few days ago, I went to the beach after lunch, hoping the eagles would be fishing during the low tide. I took some photos, but decided to sit in the shade and just enjoy the view for a change. Just as I got settled on a piece of driftwood, I heard the lively voices of a flock of nuthatches foraging high up in the trees above me. Then, this tiny bird you see in my photo came flitting down to pick out seeds from these cones with his needle-like bill. What an incredible sight to see by the shore! We have many nuthatches around our home, but I’ve only been able to watch them close up a few times. Thank you to this brave nuthatch for letting me marvel at him for a little while!

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