Rabbit, Richmond Park, London by Mitchell Lewis

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I had been photographing a group of rabbits at Richmond Park, London for some weeks and they had finally started to get familiar with me being around photographing them.

When first photographing the rabbits I always had a shot in mind I just needed to wait for the ideal conditions. After almost two weeks of shooting and no golden sunsets, I was beginning to think I may never get the shot I was after. On this afternoon, in particular, it was raining and overcast and I had no intentions of going out and taking photos, about an hour before sunset the clouds and rain had blown over, I quickly jumped on my bike and headed to the rabbits. I didn't take my tripod on this day and it was particularly difficult to capture a sharp image as they were running in front of me. For this image, I had to pre-focus the composition and wait for a rabbit to run into the shot.

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