Plum-headed parakeet, Pune, India by Shakti Bishnoi

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1. Plum-headed parakeets are found in flocks, the males having a pinkish purple head and the females, a grey head. They fly swiftly with twists and turns accompanied by their distinctive calls.

2. Plum-headed parakeets hail from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. They thrive in the woodlands and forested areas, where they make the trees their habitat. A variation of this species, the so-called 'intermediate parakeet' (Psittacula intermedia), is thought to be a hybrid between the plum-headed and the slaty-headed parakeet.
3. Although wild numbers of this bird are gradually dwindling due to habitat loss, plum-headed parakeets still thrive and are not threatened by extinction. In our backyard, we have a fig tree, a peepal tree and other fruit bearing trees. Many species of birds visit our garden in the backyard and one of them is the plum-headed parakeet. During spring, the fig tree is laden with fruits and for birds it is delight. Mornings are full of activity from birds and the plum-headed parakeet is one of the visitors that I wait eagerly to watch. I was fortunate to click this visitor having his food. It is a delight to watch them when they are feeding on figs.

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