Peregrine Falcon, Southern California, USA by Mario Nonaka

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Photographing peregrine falcons was long on my bucket list. I had seen them at different situations, but never managed to get a good photo opportunity. A couple months ago, while in Southern California for business reasons, I got some free days and I tried my luck. There was a place at the coast where peregrine falcons could be watched and photographed from a good distance. While getting nice shots when a bird is perched is one thing, but capturing the fastest animal on the planet inflight was a pretty difficult task. After some time, I knew their moves and flight manoeuvres, so I could anticipate how their flying would be. This is a shot where the peregrine falcon dives down along the coast with incredible speed. It is truly amazing to watch these raptors in action. I hope to be back in summer to see the peregrine fledglings in action and the midair food exchange.

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