Osprey, Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary, India by Suman Paul

Picture Story

This image was taken on my recent trip to Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary in January 2021. We were hoping to see some Greater Flamingos there but our bad, due to the high water the Flamingos not arrived yet. While wondering in the water on a boat we decided to search for Raptors. Both me and my wife love birding and we both use Nikon gears (Nikon D500 / D850 with Nikon 200-500 mm and 500 mm f5.6. Though we have visited Bhigwan many times, but we had very few encounters with Raptors, so we wanted to take one more chance that day. It was morning so we had plenty of time to look for. Our guide took the boat towards the grasslands area adjacent to the water. After some time, we found one Osprey sitting on an abandoned pole. We slowly approached towards the bird. It was there for some time looking for a kill. Once it stretched its body giving us a hint that it might fly away. In next moment it started to fly towards the deep water. The image was taken without tripod support from boat.

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