Oriental Tree Frog, Ilfov County, Romania, by Razvan-Alexandru Duta

Picture Story

As for most of the people around the world, the pandemic came as a shock, and we were not spared of the several lockdowns either. Suddenly, we were not able to travel as much as we did in the past, having to focus our attention on surrounding areas instead. Luckily, we are living in the countryside and although we have a small backyard, we are constantly visited by birds and various amphibians. One late spring morning, sunshine and a deep silence everywhere, as the song goes, suddenly I started hearing a cacophony of sounds: purrrreeeek! purrrreeeek! I immediately knew it is the elusive oriental tree frog, but due to their ability to camouflage very well, I knew I would have a hard time finding it. Only, this time, he has chosen to hide in plain sight, on a moss-covered branch, basking in the sun rays escaping the foliage above. The rest of the story you have probably guessed it already: drop everything I was doing at that moment, ran straight to the house, get the camera, and voila! - the start of a photo session.

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