Longhorn Beetle, Seminary Hills, Nagpur, India by Amit Roy

The image shows a long-horned beetle. They get their name because they have long antennas. Long-horned beetles are significant for the health of our forests as they break down decomposing trees, returning nutrients back to the soil. I recorded the image in Seminary hills, a green patch in the heart of Nagpur city. It is home to leopards, wild boars, deer, monkeys, wild cats and more. Its common that leopards come out of the seminary hills and are seen within the city premises.I found the beetle on top of a plant and I wanted to capture an image of its long antennas. It was sitting on top of a plant approx. a feet above the ground. I wanted to capture the antennas against the dark forest canopy. So, I Iay down, positioned my camera upwards and captured the shot.

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