Lion Tailed Macaque, Valparai, India by Narayanan Iyer

After years of waiting, I was finally able to plan a visit to Valparai where these beautiful macaques reside. Seeing them was my dream and once I saw them, I was spell bound. Their magnificent mane, their emotional eyes and their sound when they communicate. Whole experience was absolutely amazing.

Amongst them was this beautiful mother and baby. They were sitting pretty close. I like to spend time wherever there is a baby as they give us some amazing photo opportunities. After about 40 45 mins, slowly other macaques decided that they should move. And while moving, they come down from the trees and cross the roads. I was still with the mother and baby. After scanning around, she finally decided to come down. The moment she made the move, I went to the other side of the road and waited for them as most of the macaques used the same path. Once she came on to the road, I was able to make this beautiful portrait of her and her baby, looking straight at my lens walking towards my direction. Once they past me, there was a small puddle just a few inches from me where she decided to take a sip, gave me a look as if asking me did I get the image and went on.

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