Lesser Flamingos, Little Rann of Kutch, India by Suman Paul

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In March 2021, I visited the salt desert, Little Rann of Kutch for sighting Raptors and Lesser Flamingos. The Rann is located in western part of India. A 50 Sq. KM area of desert mainly for salt making. This lands hols some of the natures beauty - birds. During winter and late winter, the raptors are very active in the desert. There is a small water body that attracts lots of migratory birds including the Lesser Flamingos. It was morning time. I went to the Rann with my guide. The guide knows the area very well. We reached the one side of the lake. The water was very less in the lake. A colony of Lesser Flamingos were foraging in the wetland. A slowly crawl towards them with my camera. There is no way I can hide myself, so crawling was the best chance. I took the image while the leading lesser flamingos were busy in feeding as they lead the folks.

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