Jumping spider, San Diego, California, USA, by Cindy Croissant

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When I’m home, I spend Saturday mornings in the back yard cleaning the bird feeders, watering plants, weeding, and completing other various outdoor chores. With COVID-19, I’ve now been home every weekend for a year, so the backyard looks pretty good! I mainly photograph the birds as they are constant visitors but am always looking for other subjects. I do have a bit of arachnophobia, but for some reason I love jumping spiders and find them cute and furry. After the birds, they are my next favorite backyard animal to photograph. We only have very tiny jumping spiders at my house in San Diego, so they are very difficult to spot, but I’m always keeping an eye out for them. As I was watering my daylilies one Saturday in May, I noticed this little spider hanging out on one of the petals of a daylily looking for lunch. I ran inside, grabbed my camera (which is always next to the back door) and patiently waited for him to move into the sun and turn around so I could see his cute, colorful little face and four front-facing eyes. I took multiple photographs until he decided he was done being the object of my attention and disappeared into the depths of the flower.

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