Indian Roller with a broken beak, Lonavala, India by Abhijeet Nadkarni

It was a beautiful morning. It drizzled a bit, which was not common for that season, but it added to the atmosphere and certainly made it cooler. I had gone to Lonavala, a hill station near Mumbai, India, expecting to capture photos of the Amur falcon which was sighted there after a gap of nearly 6-7 years.

We did get photos of it, in fact a lot of them, but one of the highlights of the day, for me, was this Indian roller. We found it perched on a rock with a sea of lavender flowers in the foreground. It was a perfect composition and the bird was fully committed to oblige us. It sat there for a good period of time so that we could experiment with our shots and settings.

To get a perfect shot the best position was laying down on the ground. This way I could get enough stability to take pictures and also gave me a perfect out of focus foreground. Did not quite realise at that time but after seeing the pictures at home on the computer I figured that the bird had a broken beak and this was confirmed by some other photographer friends of mine.

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