Grizzly Bear, Yukon Territory, Canada by Jackie Hubbard

Picture Story

It was a sad day leaving our home in Alaska for the lower 48. My husband and I loaded up our Jeep, said goodbye to our friends and headed out on our journey. We decided to drive the Alaskan Highway, through the Yukon and British Columbia down into the states. Sitting in the Jeep driving along we started reminiscing about our 3.5 years in Alaska… our adventures, friends we’d made, why Alaska will always feel like home to us and about the wildlife we saw. We talked about the times I almost got trampled by a moose, the black bear we saw on a hike off Turnagain Arm, cute ptarmigans running off into the forest, huge sea lions lazily beached upon sea rocks, caribou herds in Denali and puffins diving into the sea. But, one thing we realized we hadn’t seen (up-close at least) was a grizzly. Within a few minutes we entered the Yukon. Not 5 minutes after our conversation we saw this grizzly on the side of the road! Obviously, we stopped the Jeep, and I got my camera out. Standing head-out of the sun roof I captured a few pictures of this beast. He meandered and eventually crossed the road. We watched in awe until he was out of site. Continuing our journey… we ended up seeing 2 more grizzlies, a few foxes, 7 porcupines, 12 moose, 21 black bear and countless elk and caribou and had a brown-phase black bear climb on our Jeep! This first grizzly we saw, though, was definitely the most magnificent! I call this photo “Grizz”.

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