Greylag gosling, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom by Becca Fulcher

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Spring has always been my favourite time of year with all of the newborns and a perfect time to spend with the local goslings. Living in a city we are lucky to have a lot of green land around us and many ponds so the local bird population thrive at this time of year. The goslings are full of so much character from the dependency with their parents through to the sleep times under the mothers wing. Its always amusing when you get the sibling rivalry and tussles between them as they are rather feisty for fluffballs and there are certainly many squabbles that break out between them although capturing it is certainly a challenge as it happens so quickly. This opportunity just made me smile as it was a perfect one to caption with so many titles with the little one just accepting the backlash from his brother/sister and teamed with it happening in a field of daisies made it even more springlike.

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