Gannet, RSPB Bempton Cliffs, England by Steve Lloyd-Smart

Bempton Cliffs on the East Coast of Yorkshire supports England's largest colony of seabirds, including around 20,000 Gannets. It's by far my favourite photography destination in the UK. I often visit at dawn to catch the first rays of light warming up the birds on the cliffs (and to avoid the massive crowds of people that arrive mid morning! But this picture was taken in the evening, after I found myself desperate to spend as much time out on the cliffs as possible following the easing of lockdown . This Gannet had obviously had a tough day (battered by other Gannets? blown into the cliff face? caught on fishing gear?) and spent most of the 2 hours I was watching with its head tucked under its wings. Eventually it started looking around just as the last rays of sun kissed the cliff tops and I captured my favourite portrait to date.

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