Elk, Pennsylvania Wilds, USA by Jeffrey Kauffman

I left my house at 3 am and arrived in the Pennsylvania Wilds about 3 1/2 hours later. It was still dark when I arrived so I got situated in a spot where they normally congregate. As it started to get lighter outside I could see about 10 Elk in the meadow.

I knew it was going to be a low light shot, so I grabbed the 600mm f4 lens and made the appropriate settings. In a few minutes it really started to get lighter out and I could clearly see the Elk.

There was a unique layer of fog behind the Elk and it was changing shape constantly. Suddenly a bull and a cow moved closer to me and started doing some pre mating moves. I was able to get a few shots at 1/80 f4 iso 6400. At that moment I was wishing I had a 400mm f2.8. Anyway that's next on my Santa Claus list, but I was pretty happy with how the photos came out.

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