Egyptian Gosling, Richmond Park, United Kingdom by Mitchell Lewis

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Having heard about the arrival of eleven Egyptian geese goslings at my local park, I headed to Richmond to try and capture some photos of my own.
As I arrived at the pen ponds and got myself into position to start taking photos, it seemed not all the goslings were being very well behaved. The more time I spent photographing the group the more I could start to see which goslings were well behaved and which ones, ultimately, would give me the best photo by doing something they should not be doing!
This one gosling drew my attention, as I noticed it liked to run away from the main group quite often. It took me a few attempts, but I finally managed to capture the moment as it ran off looking straight down the lens.
I really love how its mouth is slightly open in the frame, giving the viewer the sense that it's really trying to make a break for it.

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