Crystal butterfly, Hidalgo, México by Eduardo Axel

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Crystal butterfly.
This delicate and refined butterfly of the Dircenna klugii species, is of the Nymphalidae family and is more easily identified due to its long yellow-orange antennae and its unmistakable semi-transparent wings that range from amber to orange, making it which gives them the common name in many places as glass wings, since when observing them with their wings spread, this transparency is appreciated more clearly. They are solitary butterflies and can normally be observed with their slow and cadenced flight in streams near permanent water sources; They like the warm humid climate with temperatures above 28 ° C, they usually feed on the edges and clearings of different flowers such as the Lantana camera, which can be seen in this photograph. This shot was difficult to achieve, as I had to chase this butterfly for more than 20 minutes until it finally managed to stay still and feed for a few minutes on the Lantana flower, the heat was strong and oppressive but I was finally able to get a good take from her. It is really satisfying and relaxing to be able to watch these beautiful butterflies move slowly and lose themselves in the undergrowth. This species is distributed from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

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