Crimson Sunbird, Dinhata Forest Area, India by Anirban Dutta

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As a bird lover, my wish is to freeze the action of a hovering bird. This is a male crimson sunbird hovering and sucking nectar from the flowers of bottlebrush tree. It is a colourful bird native to Cooch Behar, in India. This species can take nectar by hovering like a hummingbird, but usually perch to feed most of the time.
I like to click birds which are in some sort of action. For bird photography, I have to travel to different places and connect with people to get help from them.
This shot was taken at Dinhata - a sub-division of the Cooch Behar District, 25km away from my home. My target was to freeze the motion of fluttering wings. This is the unique behaviour of this species.
I have selected this particular frame for its rich details of eyes, legs, wings, flower petals, clean background and full spread wings. My intention is to show a classic beauty of the hovering bird.
This shot was taken at Dinhata, sub-division of Cooch Behar District, West Bengal, India, using my Nikon D750 body, paired with my Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens.

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