Common Pheasant, Forez, France by Thierry Chevrier

This photo was taken during the spring of 2021 in the south-east of France in the plain of Forez.
At this season, in the Forez, one can sometimes observe in broad daylight a multitude of wild animals between groves, ponds and forests: large and small mammals, birds and insects which come to feed and reproduce.
That afternoon, after a downpour, I walked slowly through the grove while observing the surroundings. Suddenly, on the edge of the forest, I see a couple of common pheasants in a meadow, foraging and moving.
After a few minutes of observing them, the male then gave his characteristic territorial call "hraah hraah", the head pointed upwards and accompanied by strong flapping of the wings.
I was then able to photograph this majestic bird adorned with multiple colors as it flapped its wings and when the sun pierced through the clouds, thus immortalizing this fabulous moment.
I will not forget this unexpected encounter and this "wild concert" in the middle of the countryside on this spring afternoon.

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