Brown Fish Owl, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve by Narayanan Iyer

Owls are commonly associated with tales of witches, curses, bad omens and this makes us look down on them. Children are told: “if you see an owl, you will have a bad day, they are blind during the day so if you spot one you will also turn blind, killing them would bring prosperity, etc. etc. etc...”. This creates a sad myth generation after generation that promotes its contempt, abuse and annihilation that this species. There are 30+ variety of this species in India. Like a silent saint sitting under tree which is heard in many mystical stories, this brown fish owl, a resident of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, sat in silence. Morning sun kissed the owl and the green back drop spread like a washed out canvas which gave me the perfect opportunity to make this back lit photo of this sun kissed beauty.

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