Brown Fish Owl, Bor Tiger Reserve, India by Amit Roy

The image shows a brown fish owl on the branch of a tree overhanging a stream recorded on 01.03.2020 in Bor Tiger reserve, Maharashtra, India. Fish owls are nocturnal, have large eyes, and are efficient raptors. As the name suggests, they mostly feed on fish, and also on crabs, frogs, small reptiles and birds. They do not migrate and stay in their own habitat which is mostly close to streams, river beds and also around lakes.

I visited Bor Tiger reserve in the state of Maharashtra in India to document wildlife last year in early March. We went for an early morning jungle safari and reached the spot when it was still dark. But our guide spotted the owl and after a while we could also see its silhouette. The bird was approx. 50 meters away from us. I captured a few images while it was still dark. After the sun rose, a beam pierced through the canopy and illuminated the bird and a few upper branches of the tree. The sight was ethereal and I recorded the image.

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