Blackbird and Fledgling, Lancashire, United Kingdom by Carla Maloco

Picture Story

This shot was taken in my garden in Northwest England. I have turned my garden into Wildlife Haven. I make everything Wildlife friendly, for example I don't use Pesticides or Weed Killers. When I cut the grass I leave the edges a bit longer so insects have places to live. By doing this I can take pictures like the one I have entered in this competition. I watched the Mother Blackbird feeding the Fledgling with berries and insects from my garden. I knelt on the ground with the camera and tried to get a shot of the mother bird feeding the baby, not an easy task. The mother knew I was there and she would fly in quickly, feed the baby and take off. I knew I had to get my timing just right. I have a small plastic pond just below where the fledgling was perched and realised the mother was flying in low and landing on the edge of the pond. I could hear her feet on the pond, then the baby would start chirping and mum would fly up with the food. After an hour of missed shots I finally got the picture I wanted.Spring is a very busy time in my garden with many birds nesting there. I felt that this shot really showed what Spring is all about. Warmer days, everything growing and blooming and most of all new life.

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