Black-tailed Fawn, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada by Barbara Levy

This past August, we had quite a few deer come through the woods around our home and I was lucky enough to have been able to photograph a beautiful doe with her three fawns on several occasions. This family enjoyed foraging in the bramble right outside our door as they could stay relatively hidden while they munched on salal and blackberries. However, this portrait shot of one of the sweet fawns with her spotted coat was taken behind our house where there is a meadow with tall grass and native plants, along with herbs and bamboo outside the deer fence.

After lunch one day in mid-August, on my way to the studio, I spotted this curious little one near our burn pile — I’d been pruning the roses and so, I imagine she was happy to nibble on the tender leaves. I snuck back into the house and grabbed my telephoto lens and by the time I got back, my fawn had made her way further down the slope onto the meadow, where she was foraging with one of her sisters. I positioned myself on top of the burn pile so that I could photograph from a distance and above the tall grass. The two siblings browsed for quite some time and so, I could take a lot of photos. However, I found this image to be one of the most captivating with its verdant backdrop, that light and that expression which seems to say, “Look! I’m very grown up!"

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