Black-tailed Buck, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada by Barbara Levy

It’s been a very hot summer and so, I’ve spent more time trying to cool down in our bay’s refreshing water or sitting in the shade of the forest rather than photographing the wonderful wildlife which abounds here on Salt Spring Island.

However, I’ve been making a point of keeping my big lens in the car in case I happen upon a marvellous sight like this handsome buck you see in my photo. One late morning we were coming up our gravel driveway and my brother, Michael spotted our friend partially hidden in the bramble. I’d seen this intrepid buck behind our deer fence nibbling on salal leaves, but I’d never gotten this close. I asked Michael to stop the car so I could sneak out to take some photos. I actually had to back up quite a bit before trying some vertical shots to get has much of those lovely antlers in the frame as possible. Our unfazed friend just kept nibbling on the blackberry bushes, giving me a little smile now and then. This is my favourite portrait shot of the series I took because you see those delicate fern leaves juxtaposed with this rather elegant — though youthful figure — with his fine-fuzz antlers.

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