Bar-Headed Goose, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, India by Shakti Bishnoi

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1. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is located in Sultanpur village on the Gurugram-Jhajjar highway, 50 km from Delhi in India. Over 370(approx) species of birds out of 10,005 species of birds in the world have been sighted at this protected area. Visitors can observe the birds while enjoying wonderful weather of the area filled with pleasing nature's bliss. One can observe the sanctuary on foot, hence it gives peaceful interaction of humans with the sanctuary birds and animals.

2. Every year over a hundred migratory bird species visit here to feed. In winter the sanctuary provides is a panorama of migratory birds such as Sarus crane, greater flamingo, ruff, black-winged stilt, Eurasian teal, common greenshank, northern pintail, yellow wagtail, white wagtail, northern shoveller, rosy pelican, spot-billed pelican, gadwall, wood sandpiper , spotted sandpiper, Eurasian wigeon etc.

3. We both are an Ornithologists, wanted our daughter to learn maximum about the nature and spend time in bird watching ,observing birds and behavioral aspects to impart her knowledge about different perspective of life and also insight of their life style. So we visited the sanctuary very often from our house in Delhi. We visited the sanctuary on weekends and most of the time stayed overnight in forest guest house in the sanctuary. It is just an hour drive from Delhi’s hustle –bustle to the world of serenity and tranquility. December is usually month of adventure and was laden with sudden spur of winter and year

4. We wanted to witness the preparedness of return journey of our esteemed guest. So we went almost at the end of winter season. Once winter ends, the guests start preparing for their journey back home. The atmosphere in the park changes considerably in spring (March–April). There are songs which reverberate with melancholy and nostalgic feelings. The return journey of gypies starts, it looks like the interaction amongst them increases manifold, may be discussing the route map and plans ahead. The frequency of meetings increases and so is the duration as there are many heated discussions regarding departure plan or any deviation to be taken also any feedback from last batch of migrants. It seems all are in hurry(the scene at Railway station, where there is only one passenger to board the train but to see him off almost 15 persons are standing amidst chaotic scene) and an air of urgency. Migrants express profound heartfelt gratitude

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