Anser Anser, Colle del Gran San Bernardo, Italy by Stefania Grasso

The greylag goose or graylag goose (Anser anser) is a species of large goose in the waterfowl family Anatidae and the type species of the genus Anser. They are found a lot in the lowland areas, I have already had several opportunities to photograph them near the city of Vercelli where I live. On the other hand, I was very surprised to be able to spot them in this area photographed here in the background, the Colle del Gran San Bernardo, where there is a small lake between the Italian and Swiss territory: a sign that the climate has drastically changed and that now also mountain areas at high altitudes are doomed to the tragedy of global warming. Colle del Gran San Bernardo, such a wonderful area, so full of surprises.

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