Anna’s Hummingbird, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada by Barbara Levy

This fall I’ve been doing a lot more landscape photography, trying to capture the incredible beauty of our island as it has been gradually transforming — like the mist — first, into fiery, autumnal scenes and now, into more muted tones. But one afternoon, I decided to take a look around our garden to see what kind of winged visitors might be flitting through the trees and shrubs. And sure enough, I caught a glimpse of one of our hummingbirds zipping towards his favourite fall/winter flowers on the mahonia. He stayed hidden while he feasted on the nectar, but returned to his high perch in the maple tree above my head to make sure there were no other competitors in sight. So when I heard the familiar buzz of his wings above me, I looked up in awe as I watched him against that rich backdrop , aglow with autumn’s light! My hummer friend let me photograph him for some time so I was able to move around to catch this striking portrait shot.

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