Anna’s Hummingbird, Portland, Oregon, United States by Anupam Katkar

Picture Story

With the arrival of spring, pear trees blossom profusely with small white flowers for a brief spell. Nectar-feeders such as native bees and Anna's hummingbirds rush to capitalize on this bounty. As America's only non-migratory hummingbird, Anna's hummingbirds are present when pear trees blossom, unlike other hummingbird species that do not arrive until many weeks later. Photographing this phenomenon presented many challenges for me, foremost of which was that pear trees grow tall and therefore, taking a picture of a feeding hummingbird at eye level can be very difficult. To solve this problem, I found a building which had a pear tree growing close by, and which allowed me access to a higher floor. I then waited patiently for this Anna's hummingbird to make the rounds. Since all hummingbird species are territorial, they regularly check in on flowers on their home turf. After a couple of hours, my patience was richly rewarded as this hummingbird returned to the pear blossoms and lingered long enough for me to take a few photos.

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