Sigma Mount Converter MC-31

Sigma announces the shipment schedule for SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31.
SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31 is a converter that allows PL mount lenses to be used on
L-Mount cameras. By using Sigma Mount Converter MC-31, users can use PL mount
cine lenses, which are widely used in the filmmaking industry, on the SIGMA fp and other LMount cameras.

Price and shipment schedule for SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31
Shipment schedule: February, 2020
Price: RRP £649.99
Mount: PL-L
Product Code: 89A969
Accessories: Cap, Support foot, Hex wrench, Screwdriver,
Mount lock screw, L-mount shim
Barcode: 0085126 938192

Maximum diameter × Length:84.4mm (3.3in.) × 42mm (1.6in.)
Mount reference plane spacing:32mm (1.2in.)|Weight:330g (11.6oz.)
Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
L-Mount is a registered trademark of Leica Camera AG.

Shim adjustments
MC-31 has shim adjustments on two points of the mount. Adjustments can be made with a
shim kit (Supplied) on the camera side of the mount, or a shim for ARRI digital cinema
cameras on the lens side.

All-metal construction for excellent durability
With an aluminum-alloy body and strong brass mount and locking ring, MC-31 boasts
excellent durability. It is also designed to be secured on the mount of the SIGMA fp with a screw thread, ensuring an even more secure connection between the lens and the camera. This allows users to shoot steady without the lens rattling even after the long-term use.

Support foot
The removable support foot allows MC-31 to be attached to a tripod or other filmmaking
accessories such as a camera cage.

Suitable for various shooting conditions
With the screw thread removed, the stopper of the locking ring is released. This makes it possible to use MC-31 with a PL mount lens that requires tighter mounting than the MC-31’s specifications, allowing the lens to lock securely in place on the converter.
The markings on the upper part of the converter are in the same luminous paint as the one used for SIGMA CINE LENS, helping make it easier to replace or adjust a lens in the dark.

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