Siena International Photo Awards 2020 Winners Announced

SIENA, Italy - French Photographer Greg Lecoeur’s stunning shot, “Frozen Mobile Home” of a giant iceberg surrounded by crabeater seals, is the overall winner of the 2020 Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA) contest, one of the world’s top international photography competitions. Jurors selected the winning image among tens of thousands photos submitted by photographers from 156 countries. Winning photographers were announced on October 23rd.

Lecouer, an award-winning professional ocean and wildlife photographer, shot the image in Antarctica, where he is often involved in scientific projects that highlight the fragility of our oceans and the importance of preserving our planet.

South African photojournalist Brent Stirton won this year’s “Best Author” Award thanks to his powerful storytelling through images and his commitment to covering issues related to wildlife and conservation, as well as global health, diminishing cultures, sustainability and the environment.

Mohammad Sazid Hossain of Bangladesh earned the top prize in “Documentary and Photojournalism” for his photo, “Death of a Fire Victim,” that captures a tragic moment during a terrible fire in Dhaka.

Iranian Amirmahdi Najafloo Shahpar won “Journeys and Adventures” with his photo “Benediction,” an image of Muslim women at prayer during Eid-al-Frit, celebrating the end of Ramadan.

With “Koichi Omae,” the portrait of an amputee Japanese dancer, Italian photographer Silvia Alessi won the category “Fascinating Faces and Characters”.

“Sub Zero” by German photographer Tobias Friedrich, winner of this year’s “The Beauty of Nature” category, takes viewers into a fantastic night diving experience among icebergs.

Jonas Classon from Sweden won “Animals in their Environment” with “Night Hunter,” a fantastic shot of a Grey Great Owl ready to attack its prey under a full moon.

“Home Alone” by Hungarian photographer Attila Balogh earned the top spot in “Architecture and Urban Spaces.” Balogh’s shot expertly captures the only lit windows of multi-story buildings in Hong Kong right before sunset.

British photographer Jan Macnicol won “Sports in Action” with “Diogo Cancela,” a stunning underwater image of the Portuguese athlete at an international Para-Swimming competition.

“Londoners,” shot in Notting Hills, London during its colorful carnival, won the “Street Photography” category, shot by photographer Olesia Kim from Russia.

Brent Stirton from South Africa won this year's “Storyboard” category with his series, “Pangolins in Crisis,” a great reportage about the world’s most illegally trafficked mammals.

Riccardo Marchegiani from Italy won the “Under 20” category with “Utopia,” a shot of a Baboon in the wild taken in Ethiopia, in unspoiled nature.

Egyptian photographer Nader Saadallah won the category “Short Documentary Film” with the extraordinary video, “The Forgotten”.

The winning photographers by categories are:

  • Documentary & Photojournalism Winner: Mohammad Sazid Hossain, Bangladesh
    2nd – Paula Bronstein, USA / 3rd – Francis Pérez, Spain/ 3rd –Shawn Yuan, China
  • Journeys & Adventures Winner: Amirmahdi Najafloo Shahpar, Iran
    2nd – Thien Nguyen, Vietnam / 3rd – Christian Vizl, Mexico
  • Fascinating Faces Winner: Silvia Alessi, Italy
    2nd – Fattah Zinouri, Iran / 3rd – Alexander Vinogradov, Russia
  • The Beauty of Nature Winner: Tobias Friedrich, Germany
    2nd – Francisco Negroni, Chile / 3rd – Mauro Battistelli, Italy
  • Animals in their Environment Winner: Jonas Classon, Sweden
    2nd – Thomas Vijayan, India/ 3rd – William Burrad-Lucas, UK
  • Architecture & Urban Spaces Winner: Attila Balogh, Hungary
    2nd – Barbara Schmidt, Germany / 3rd – Martin Seraphin, Germany
  • Sports in Action Winner: Ian Macnicol, UK
    2nd – Christian Pondella, USA / 3rd – Stefan Wermuth, Switzerland
  • Street Photography Winner: Olesia Kim, Russia
    2nd – Michael Kowalczyk, Germany / 3rd – Giancarlo Staubmann, Italy
  • Storyboard Winner: Brent Stirton, South Africa
    2nd – Alain Schroeder, Belgium / 3rd – Carolina Rapezzi, Italy/ 3rd - Kiran Ridley, UK
  • Under 20 Winner: Riccardo Marchegiani, Italy
    2nd – Shridarshan Shukla, India / 3rd – Ankit Kumar, India
  • Short Documentary Film Winner: Nader Saadallah, Egypt
    2nd – Luke Bell, South Africa / 3rd – Romain Barats, France / 3rd – Antonio Gibotta, Italy

Visit the gallery of all 2020 winners here:
SIPAContest Gallery

2020 Photo Contest Jury
A group of internationally recognized professionals in the fields of photojournalism, documentary, nature, wildlife
and sport photography judged all entries. The jury is independent and all entries were presented anonymously.

For the full list of jury members, please see:
Judging Panel 2020

The winning images will have their first public display at the exhibition "Imagine All the People Sharing All the World" which is held in Siena from October 24th through November 2020.

Siena International Photo Awards launches 2021 edition
Starting date: October 25th, 2020

The Siena Awards announces its annual Call for Entries for the 7th Edition of Siena International Photo Awards, open to visionary photographers from around the world, professional and amateur, to share their unique perspectives of the world.

The Siena International Photo Awards Contest
The Siena International Photo Awards honours photographers whose visual creativity and skills resulted in a picture that captures or represents a moment or event of great impact.

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