Remembering Wildlife series reaches $1 million fundraising mark

Groundbreaking photography book series Remembering Wildlife has reached another milestone, with the amount of funds raised to protect endangered species hitting the USD $1 million mark.

The October launch of the fifth book in the series, Remembering Cheetahs, has so far raised £130,000 ($166,000) – despite the coronavirus pandemic – taking the series total to £750,000 ($1 million).

The first donation from Remembering Cheetahs has already been made, with £40,000/$53,000 going to the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)’s livestock guarding dog programme, in which special breed Anatolian shepherd dogs are integrated with the herd from a young age, so they feel part of the herd family and protect them from attacks by cheetahs – which means the cheetahs are protected from retaliation from herders.

Over the coming weeks, donations will be made to other conservation programmes that exist to save the cheetah, which is the world’s most endangered large cat, with only 7,100 left in the wild.

In another first, Remembering Cheetahs jumped to number one in the Amazon US Hot New Releases in Photography Collections list, underlining the growing interest in the Remembering Wildlife books across the globe.

Photographer, film-maker and TV presenter Gordon Buchanan, who wrote the afterword in Remembering Cheetahs, described the printed book as: "Remembering Cheetahs is an absolute triumph. Stunning images and beautiful words. Felt incredibly emotional with the turn of each page. Well done!!! Pulling it all together in these times is miraculous.” He added he was: “Proud to have made a small contribution.”

Five books have now been published in the series: Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions and now, Remembering Cheetahs. Each book has been pre-funded by Kickstarter campaigns, meaning all profits can go straight to projects protecting the species that the book is focused on.

In 2014, Remembering Wildlife founder Margot Raggett was moved to act after seeing a young elephant that had been poisoned by poachers. After learning the elephant would have died a slow, painful death, she determined to set out to produce the most beautiful tribute to elephants she could and spent six months persuading wildlife photographers to donate an image.

Remembering Wildlife founder Margot Raggett (pictured visiting the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s livestock guarding dog programme) said: “I’m thrilled the Remembering Wildlife series has hit the $1 million/£750,000 mark and has funded almost 50 projects in 23 countries around the world since it launched five years ago. It’s a particularly impressive achievement, given the global pandemic. But in these most trying times, animals need our attention more than ever before.

“The Remembering Wildlife books are only made possible by the generous donation of images by many of the world’s leading wildlife photographers, working together under the banner of 'Wildlife Photographers United’. It just shows what can be achieved when we all work together.”

Details of some of the 50 projects can be found here.
To find out more about the livestock guarding dog programme, click here.

To see a video of Remembering Wildlife founder Margot Raggett visiting the CCF and finding out more about its livestock guarding dog programme, click here.

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