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A British photographer and journalist, his work appears in international publications including the BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Wanderlust, South China Morning Post and New Internationalist. He has photographed wildlife around the world, from Antarctica to Uganda, Malaysia to Mexico. Graeme is also the founder of the New Big 5 project.

You are known for your love of photographing smaller and lesser-known species, from lizards to birds, as well as the big iconic animals like lions, gorillas and elephants. What initially inspired the idea for the New Big 5 project? And did you have a clear vision from the beginning on what its aim and purpose would be?
The idea developed over time. I first came up with it seven or eight years ago, on assignment in Botswana. Maybe it was hearing the word ‘shooting’, which people use for both guns and cameras, which put it in my mind. But really it was a case of thinking a lot about how outdated the idea of the original big 5 is, which was all about the five toughest animals for colonial era hunters to shoot and kill (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo)...


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