Girls Who Click Announces First Ever Ambassadors

Petaluma, California, October 30, 2020: Girls Who Click, a non-profit, is pleased to announce their first class of Ambassadors. In the first initiative of its kind, the GWC Ambassador program will propel diverse women into the professional arena and break the glass ceiling that has defined professional nature photography for too long.

“Nature photography is a white, male-dominated profession and we want to change that,” states Suzi Eszterhas, GWC Founder and Executive Director.

Selected from over 150 applicants, the class is made up of 24 talented female-identified nature photographers and videographers. These photographers range from 16-30 years of age and come from a broad spectrum of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds throughout the world. The Ambassadors are motivated to break into the professional nature photography industry while advocating for conservation efforts worldwide. Each Ambassador will benefit from a year of personalised mentorship from an established professional photographer, gaining key insights to the industry and learning how to succeed in a male-dominated industry.

2021 Girls Who Click Ambassadors

  • Cherrisse Adlawan, PHL
  • EmmaBalunek, USA
  • Tamara Blazquez Haik, MEX
  • Celina Chien, CAN/NDL
  • Jo Davenport, GBR
  • Alena Ebeling-Schuld, CAN
  • Stephanie Foote, GBR
  • Elie Gordon, GBR
  • Sadie Hine, USA
  • Beth Hotchkiss, USA
  • Chelsea Mayer, USA
  • Irene Mendez Cruz, FRA/VEN/GBR
  • Lea Milde, DEU
  • Angelica Mills, ZAF
  • Lianna Nixon, USA
  • Daphne Perlich, USA
  • Alejandra Potter, ESP/USA
  • Evelyn Smalley, GBR
  • Aishwarya Sridhar, IND
  • Samantha Stephens, CAN
  • Alice Sun, CAN
  • Alex Traugot, USA
  • Kate Vylet, USA
  • Katie Waddington, FRA

2021 Girls Who Click Professional Photographer Mentors

  • KarineAigner
  • Diana Caballero Alvarado
  • Inka Cresswell
  • Suzi Eszterhas
  • Melissa Farlow
  • Cathy Hart
  • Morgan Heim
  • Jaymi Heimbuch
  • Esther Horvath
  • Karen Kasmauski
  • Janet Kleyn
  • Jennifer Leigh Warner
  • Stephanie Manuel
  • Amy Marquis
  • Mary Ann McDonald
  • Susan McElhinney
  • Joanna Pinneo
  • Erin Ranney
  • Lynda Richardson
  • Katie Schuler
  • Brenda Tharp
  • Ami Vitale
  • Michele Westmorland

In addition to mentorship, Ambassadors will also have access to all Girls Who Click nature photography workshops. The Ambassador Program is sponsored by ThinkTank and Wild Idea Lab, both of whom will provide special benefits to Ambassadors.

The newly launched Ambassador Program is offered to female-identified photographers/videographers aged 16-30 and is an important expansion for Girls Who Click, which traditionally serves female-identified youth aged 13-18.

Girls Who Click is a non-profit organisation founded by professional wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas, in 2017, to address the lack of women in professional nature photography. Girls Who Click believes photography is not just about taking beautiful photographs – it’s about making a difference. They aim to inspire a new generation of female nature photographers and conservationists through free nature photography workshops and their Ambassador Program.

To find out more contact Margaret Malmquist-West - Chief Operating Officer of Girls Who Click, - by email -

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