Book Review: The Birder’s Guide to Africa

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Clare Disano reviews a comprehensive guide to bird watching in the African region, covering all mainland territories and associated islands, written by South African bird guide and bird conservationist, Michael Mills.

The Birder’s Guide to Africa is a very comprehensive guide of birds across the entire continent (including island territories), making it the perfect companion for anyone that travels to see, or photograph birds.

The basis of the book is to encourage travelling to new or little-known areas, giving advice to help the reader make informed decisions on where to go birding, how best to do it and to generally promote birdwatching across Africa for travellers and intrepid explorers.

Author, Michael Mills, is an ornithologist, birder, bird guide and bird book author, previously writing The Special Birds of Angola. Originally from South Africa, he is also a conservation biologist who has been involved in several research projects in Angola...


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