Book Review: A Lifetime In Galápagos

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Clare Disano takes a look at the latest book by world-renowned wildlife photographer, writer and conservationist, Tui De Roy; a chronicle of life on the islands of Galápagos

A dream destination for many a wildlife photographer, Galápagos is home to a treasure trove of wildlife. This beautifully illustrated book, by Tui De Roy, is a spectacular record of life on the islands - the place where she grew up and has visited many times since.

Discovering photography at a young age, she has dedicated her life to recording the islands’ natural history in great detail. A founding fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, she remains deeply involved in the efforts to conserve the Galápagos Islands.

In the introduction, the author explains how she came to live on the islands and the wonderful experiences she encountered with her family, describing how she started to photograph the wildlife under her father’s influence.

Throughout this hardback book, the reader is treated to hundreds of wondrous images, covering all two-hundred-and-forty pages, all depicting the diverse range of wildlife in every habitat imaginable; from pristine beaches and volcanic landscapes, to cloud forests and mangrove inlets. All of the photos are noted with the species, along with some details, or observations...


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